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Lonewolf games is going to showcase my efforts at game making primarily.I've been interested in making a game for a long time now.What I hope for this site is for it to become one part journal that details the process I went by to make my game, one part resource that will house some of the materials used to make games and one part tutorial giving information on nice tricks and tips that could lead you to make a game as well.Right now I'm working on Dragora's Legend a RPG I'm making using the RMXP system.

Update: Messing Around 1/11/2010

Discovering it's pretty hard to decide what to put into a site.I've begun working on the project already.Made Wrenworth which is the military academy our heroine starts off in.I am still working on the events but the graphics at least are put in.I'll add a screenshot soon.Right now I'm thinking the City might be a bit too large..But don't have the heart to erase it.Instead I'm going to put more effort in making it interesting.

Full Steam Ahead 1/24/2010

Been actually working on my game.I resolved a couple of problems that I will put into my blog today.The graphics section will probablly be one of the last things I will put in.Largely because if I put my images up now they won't be original by the time the game is released.I will put some screenshots up however as I progress.Working on  what to put up as far as tutorials for rmxp.I don't know everything and alot of my knowledge comes from previous versions of rpg maker.But I will always make sure to check before I put it up on the site.