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Kunoichi Rumble

Posted by Dwayne Mcclary on January 9, 2014 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (44)

Two posts in one day?Yeah I've got a lot to catch you guys up on.During my time away I started a little side project .A fighting game that I'm making on the MUGEN 1.0 engine called Kunoichi Rumble.This game features a all girl cast of fighters from many different videogames. Over 20 fighters, brilliant backgrounds, and a huge variety of music from various Newground's artists.

I hope to make future versions of this game as I learn how to customize the characters and once I know enough to add  those lessons to my tutorials section.Right now the first version is about 97% done.I have the characters together, they work but are somethings I would like to add before releasing the game.

  • Cammy Portrait on character select screen is just a drawing of her with no color would like to get a better portrait.
  • Character select screen doesn't have the name of the characters below their portraits would like to change it so it does.
  • Some of the characters I have not found suitable backgrounds for so they are using the default  kfm background.Have to change that.
  • Some of the characters use the same music as other characters and I want each to have their own theme
  • You will find that character's difficulty varies wildly. Lei Lei for instance is insanely hard. MUGEN comes with a way to make sure that harder characters can only come later in the game so I'm going to use that feature so their difficulty can at least be justified.

Once this project is done I can start on Kunoichi Rumble 2 which will be more customized and include more characters.. But that's getting ahead of myself.

Long Time No See

Posted by Dwayne Mcclary on January 9, 2014 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

I've been gone for awhile I know but I have been working on my project.First off you guys should know that my computer was stolen from me awhile back.I've since moved to a new city not too far away but hopefully with less crime.All my work was on my computer so everything I was working on went with it.I did not want to scrap my idea though.A friend of mine who likes refurbishing old computers gave me the one I'm using right now.It's not the fastest thing, it has windows xp and sputters when you ask it to do too many things at once but I have a computer and I'm grateful.So I've been using this time to basically recreate what I had before.Sucks but I did not want to just drop this project.So...

  • Wrenworth Recreated
  • Wrenworth Castle Redone
  • Character Switching Program reinstated and working
  • Character Powers (wild arms style) back with a vengeance
  • Sewer System Dungeon 98% done have to put in cutscenes and cut on the enemies once I make them
  • Wildarm style Conversation System on but I'm still learning it
  • Menu with Dot hack sounds not done but thinking of doing not sure yet

I've been dabbling with this new battle system Enu SBS Tanketai XP system that has a great deal more functionality and customization than the ATOA system had largely because at least I think it took ATOAs and built upon it but I might be wrong on that.At any rate it looks like a really good battle system but it requires a great deal of customization.Which is what I'm working on currently right now for my first dungeon.So yeah I've been a busy boy but it's all been to basically get back to where I started.So a little good news bad news there.

Ch Ch Changes

Posted by Dwayne Mcclary on April 22, 2011 at 6:49 PM Comments comments (0)

Ch Ch Changes

I was noticing that my first declarations of what my game will be like have actually changed from what I have decided to do.Before when I first started this project I said I wanted to keep the default system and just have a simple game for my first one.I have since changed my mind on this and some of you might be wondering why.Well looking at many of the games you find on youtube you will see people who have taken their time and came up with great games.The games they have come up with were not just generic games but stuff they painstakingly put together.Very few if any games I saw were just simple default system games.I don't want my game to be one that is hated throughout the community or shunned as "that game" because I was too lazy to come up with something good.And so I have decided to be more ambitious and come up with a side view game with characters that are new (well mostly).I figured these two things will allow my game to stand out and hopefully become a welcome edition to the rpg maker community.

Features Testing

Posted by Dwayne Mcclary on April 22, 2011 at 6:33 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been along time between updates as far as the site and I am sorry about that.I am trying to juggle both this game and work and a job search to find something new outside of back breaking labor.But I recently added two features to the game.

Character Switcher

A character Switcher that will allow you to change the main character graphic between the current party members.This will not be just for show.When you talk to NPCs they can tell you different information based on which character they are talking to.

Special Abilities

On top of that I have special abilities for each character.The powers will be able to be used on the game maps on various objects throughout the game.Braking boxes to reveal items.Opening puzzle doors using various props.Revealing new areas by removing obstacles.Heh I'm pretty proud of both features.


Expect a new video update soon.Showing some of the features in action on the first dungon in the game.

What you got to Tell me?

Posted by Dwayne Mcclary on April 8, 2010 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

What's up Chuck?

You might have been wondering what I've been up to all these weeks.Ok you probablly wasn't but I'm gonna tell you anyway :P I've been pretty busy.I was having trouble with the game and decided what I needed to do was to write out as much as possible rather than trying to keep it all in my head.I'm writing out backgrounds for the cities, characters, some of the more important NPCs and of course the villians.


That's not to say I haven't been working on the actual game I have been.I have made alot of different faces using FaceMaker Xp but I'm seriously thinking of drawing my own.I've  drawn the villians Karaga and Tanaka and hope to get to the others fairly soon.I've added a few extra scripts but plan on keeping the default battle system this time around.This is my first project I don't want it railroaded by being bogged down for being too ambitious right out the gate.

I just don't know what to say.

Posted by Dwayne Mcclary on January 25, 2010 at 12:51 AM Comments comments (0)

Well for the last couple of days I've been having trouble with what exactly to have my NPCs say.I know kind of weird but these are problems that comes when you're designing everything.It's largely due to the large volume of NPCs in my city of Wrenworth.To make a town seem like a town you have to have a good bit of npcs inhabiting it.That makes sense but when you do that it also means that you have to have something for them to say.Prefereably something intersting that contributes to the  story.Otherwise the player soon gets the idea that these NPCs are just filler and I don't have to worry about clicking on them or finding out what they have to say.In the end the player misses out on alot of the story  and may end up having to backtrack because he missed some vital bit of information because he didn't bother to talk to a NPC.I don't want that to happen.I want the player to enjoy all aspects of my game including talking to NPCs and finding out about this great world I made.


I've asked around the rpg revolution forum and this is what they have to say about this topic.


The other problem that I had was a problem with a blue aura that surrounded my battler pic.To those not familiar with rmxp you have pictures of the heroes in game known as battlers.These pictures are shown to represent your characters while in battle.Similar to the old Phantasy Star format of rpg.I also presented the rpg revolution forum with this problem.One of the head staffers at the forum named Holder, made this tutorial for me.


I'm putting a link to it here.


   JPG/PNG Correction


I'll probablly provide a place for links like these in my tutorial section once I have it up and running.Anyway special thanks to the helpful members of the RPG Revolution Forum.I hope I make a game that will do you guys proud.

New Beginnings

Posted by Dwayne Mcclary on January 14, 2010 at 12:28 AM Comments comments (0)

I've been at work on this the entire day.Figuring out the content I was going to use was pretty tough.I started making the drawings I will need for the battlers section.All of them will not be original but the main character Tamara demands to be a little original.I would have loved to have the old Alex charset for Shiro.He just fits the bill for that character but one of the other RTP characters will have to do.I entered the beginning info for my site.All but the Photo and Video section.I'm looking into making the Video section largely a tutorial section  but time will tell on that one.