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Kunoichi Rumble

Posted by Dwayne Mcclary on January 9, 2014 at 6:25 PM

Two posts in one day?Yeah I've got a lot to catch you guys up on.During my time away I started a little side project .A fighting game that I'm making on the MUGEN 1.0 engine called Kunoichi Rumble.This game features a all girl cast of fighters from many different videogames. Over 20 fighters, brilliant backgrounds, and a huge variety of music from various Newground's artists.

I hope to make future versions of this game as I learn how to customize the characters and once I know enough to add  those lessons to my tutorials section.Right now the first version is about 97% done.I have the characters together, they work but are somethings I would like to add before releasing the game.

  • Cammy Portrait on character select screen is just a drawing of her with no color would like to get a better portrait.
  • Character select screen doesn't have the name of the characters below their portraits would like to change it so it does.
  • Some of the characters I have not found suitable backgrounds for so they are using the default  kfm background.Have to change that.
  • Some of the characters use the same music as other characters and I want each to have their own theme
  • You will find that character's difficulty varies wildly. Lei Lei for instance is insanely hard. MUGEN comes with a way to make sure that harder characters can only come later in the game so I'm going to use that feature so their difficulty can at least be justified.

Once this project is done I can start on Kunoichi Rumble 2 which will be more customized and include more characters.. But that's getting ahead of myself.

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