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Long Time No See

Posted by Dwayne Mcclary on January 9, 2014 at 6:10 PM

I've been gone for awhile I know but I have been working on my project.First off you guys should know that my computer was stolen from me awhile back.I've since moved to a new city not too far away but hopefully with less crime.All my work was on my computer so everything I was working on went with it.I did not want to scrap my idea though.A friend of mine who likes refurbishing old computers gave me the one I'm using right now.It's not the fastest thing, it has windows xp and sputters when you ask it to do too many things at once but I have a computer and I'm grateful.So I've been using this time to basically recreate what I had before.Sucks but I did not want to just drop this project.So...

  • Wrenworth Recreated
  • Wrenworth Castle Redone
  • Character Switching Program reinstated and working
  • Character Powers (wild arms style) back with a vengeance
  • Sewer System Dungeon 98% done have to put in cutscenes and cut on the enemies once I make them
  • Wildarm style Conversation System on but I'm still learning it
  • Menu with Dot hack sounds not done but thinking of doing not sure yet

I've been dabbling with this new battle system Enu SBS Tanketai XP system that has a great deal more functionality and customization than the ATOA system had largely because at least I think it took ATOAs and built upon it but I might be wrong on that.At any rate it looks like a really good battle system but it requires a great deal of customization.Which is what I'm working on currently right now for my first dungeon.So yeah I've been a busy boy but it's all been to basically get back to where I started.So a little good news bad news there.

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