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Tamara Yashida

Name:Tamara Yashida


Class: Dual Blade

Affinity: Fire

About: For as long as Tamara can remember she has wanted to be a knight like her Father.And since it was rare to see women serve as far as being knights anyway she had to work twice as hard to attain her dream.That perserverance seems to be paying off. She's been accepted into Wrenworth military academy.Tamara is driven ,with a sense of rightousness and purpose that borders on disbelief.She is relentlessly dedicated to becoming stronger and is diligent in her practice and duty.She wants to be as great as both her Father and the great Tania Wooddruff , a legendary swordsmen that she idolizes.

Shiro Amada

Name: Shiro Amada


Class:Arcane Blade

Affnity: Lightning

About:Tamara and Shiro have been childhood friends seemingly forever.While Tamara is all strict and disciplined,Shiro tends to play things loose and spontaneous.That said Shiro has always been good with a sword.He seems to have a natural gift while Tamara had to work hard to be as good as she is.It seemed incomprehensible that someone as undisciplined would join the military perhaps he does have some ambition after all.As far as personality he is the antithesis of Tamara.If I had to nail him down to a belief it would probablly be that loyalty above all else and to thy own self be true.

Demetria Wallace

Name: Demetria Hirano

Age: 18

Class: Brawler

Affinity: Wind

About: It is often said that somwhere in this world you have a twin.That statement has never been more true than it is for Demetria and Tamara.Both of them are the daughter's of heroes.Both of them being thrust into the role of following their father's footsteps.But while Tamara has done this by her own choice Demetria is more of a unwilling participant.Her family is a military family and since her parents had no male heirs it would be be simply unseemly to break with the tradition.So as not to disgrace herself and family she entered.Her personality is a bit abrasive.Many think she has gotten as far as she has strictly by family name so that has made her defensive over the years.It also makes her take chances that others would deem foolhardy at best to simply prove that she has earned her place.


Name: Caleb Ravencroft

Age: 22

Class: Gunner(kind of)

Affinity: Water

About: On the high seas there is no name more infamous than that of Cargill!A pirate that is known both for his ruthless seisure of weapons but also for his kind acts of turning these things into money in which he gives amongst the various towns .Cargill is a inventor at heart but for whatever his reasons has decided to carry on with his family tradition as well.Cargill is well respected by his men even though they think some of the things he does is strange.Why does he do it?Only Cargill knows.

Mina Tirono

Name: Mina Tirono

Age: 16

Class: Summoner

Affinity: Earth

About: Mina is part of a ancient sect that has taken on the responsibility of keeping the secrets of Dragora... well secret.Mina is a bit of a misfit to her people.She is proficient as far as the power of a summoner but she dosen't have the same air of piousness as you would expect from a summoner.Most attribute this to her being an outsider that washed up on their shores.Regardless though despite her rambutious attitude she loves her people (having no memory of her former life) and fights hard to prove herself to them.


There are other characters in the game as well that you can play but these will be the ones intregal to the story.Feel free to explore the world of Tellus and see if you can find the others!